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GET Profit Adz

The traffic network that pays you.

We are GetProfitAdz is high traffic advertising network platform specifically for the advertising target groups: internet marketing, network marketing and auxiliary income. The members of our partner network rent and rent out advertising webspace. Participate can only business owners and entrepreneurs.
Advertising Media

Get plattformfor high-traffic advertising media.

The GetProfitAdz display network supports text, image and rich media ads. Image ads can be used in the form of static or animated banners in jpg, gif or png format. All common sizes such as Skyscraper, Leaderboard or Rectangle formats are used.

Get Traffic

Get TrafficReach your target audience.

GetprofitAdz is a highly frequented website in the field of Internet Marketing. An advertisement on GetprofitAdz brings you targeted international mass of potential customers and partners.

renting advertising space

Get Profitby renting advertising space.

If you rent advertising space, you will get additional advertising space that you rent out to other partners. You therefore receive revenues from this rental. The traffic network pays you. - Local advertising

The banner ads of our members are shown on our members local city portals.


We believe in Flexible Costing.


  • 500 ad credits
  • $6.50 fast rev shares
  • unlimited rev shares above


  • 1000 ad credits
  • $14.00 fast rev shares
  • unlimited rev shares above


  • 2000 ad credits
  • $29.00 fast rev shares
  • unlimited rev shares above


  • 2500 ad credits
  • unlimited rev shares*
* lower daily earnings


Most Popular
  • 5000 ad credits
  • $75.00 rev shares
  • unlimited rev shares above

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