What guarantee do I get that my advertisements will be successful?
Get Profit Adz guarantees that your advertisement will be displayed in the pages of Get Profit Adz (page views). This is recorded very precisely in our databases and can be detected for each advertising package. Because the ads are designed and formulated by you, we have no influence on their quality and attractiveness, and can give no predictions or guarantees, how many times the ads are clicked and whether this advertising brings business success.
Does it make sense to purchase more advertising packages?
A standard general statement thereto is not possible. This depends mainly on what company you operate and what products or services you promote. The more advertising packages you book the more often your advertising materials are displayed. Many get-profit Adz Network partners have confirmed to us that it makes sense to reserve a greater number of advertising packages at the same time as this resulted in significantly more traffic.
What is a revenue sharing (profit share)?
A revenue sharing is not a financial asset, any company involvement, no company share, no dividend rights, no participation rights, not a loan, nor a shareholder loan. A revenue sharing also makes no entrepreneur, partner or co-determination rights. In the economic literature a revenue share is called a tender to grant leis, with the promise that the grant donor will receive a certain share of current revenues from the sale of certain products or services. In Get Profit Adz partners must make no grant money as payment. All partners have the option rather than simple advertising packages to book, reserve "advertising packages with revenue sharing". This revenue sharing on these advertising revenues will be "transferred free of charge" to the business partners. The partner of Get Profit Adz thus provide no expenses for this revenue sharing.
As the amount of the revenue share is calculated (profit shares)?
When booking advertising packages with revenue share of the business partners rents advertising spaces, which will be rented to other advertising partners. These operations are detailed logs of the accounts in the databases. The booked advertising appears evenly distributed on all advertising spaces. Revenues arising therefrom are therefore distributed among all the advertising spaces divided as evenly.
Why there is no phone support?
Get Profit Adz handles all inquiries exclusively via the Ticket Support. This ensures that no requests be forgotten. So furthermore, the management can view the history of all inquiries.